10 Surround Yourself With Good People

Whether we realize it or not, we need others in our life. As a child, we learned how to talk, walk, and other life skills from our very first community, our family. Today Will talks not just about our need for community, but the need for the RIGHT community – the one that brings out the best in us. Learn how to tell who is good for you and who probably isn’t.

9 Guest Chat – From Low Self-Esteem to Self-Confidence – Jackie Doty Shares Her Success Story In Business and Life

How to build confidence is a question many ask. Join Will as he interviews guest Jackie Doty as she shares about her journey from low self-esteem to self-confidence. Jackie is now an Executive Director with Beauticontrol, an international direct sales skin care, cosmetics, health and Image Company. Although this is not what life is all about, how would you like it if a Mercedes Benz was dropped off at your door as one of the rewards for doing something you loved? Beauticontrol is a company Jackie is passionate to share about. But, this is also the story of Jackie’s life and how she overcame the low self-esteem imposed on her from her childhood becoming a new woman filled with self-confidence.

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8 Please Forgive Me

“Please forgive me” is searched on Google over 49,000 times a month. In contrast around 1.6 million searches for a variation of “Healing” is typed into Google every month. Amazing. Listen to Will as he shares about his childhood and how he quickly realized that forgiveness is NOT an emotion but a decision, an action word that was vital to his healing. He also learned that how to forgive yourself for all the ways you beat yourself up over time is also as crucial to your moving forward as anything else. A spiritual journey will help you tell yourself and others “I forgive you” and unlock the door to healing and a better you. You’re ready! Don’t believe otherwise.

7 Imperfect Parenting Imperfect Relationships and Saying I’m Sorry

Let’s face it; as long as we remain human we are going to be imperfect parents living in imperfect relationships. It’s what we do about that and how we adapt and handle it that makes all the difference. Parenting and Life Partner relationships should come with a built-in “I’m sorry” clause. Listen to Will as he relates this to his life as a parent of four and husband. Here’s what you need to do. See you in the show.

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6 Blasting Through Your Fears in Life

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you may be allowing fear to stop you from moving ahead in life. This could be a real or perceived fear. When it makes sense to move forward, but fear seems to have you tied up or at least confused then listen to Will’s experience with fear and what he has done about it. Also discussed is something Will read in a book from Dr. Wayne Dyre that may have you amazed or saying, “Ya, that happened to me!”

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