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29 Eating Humble Pie How An Argument Led To Awareness and Healing

During my cancer recover process my health is not always the greatest. These past few weeks have been like that. So, today, I’ve published this podcast that is a compilation of various insights I recorded about life, as my health allowed over the past couple of weeks. The insights are described below.

One – I got myself into a pickle on the phone that made me angry. Then one of my own podcast episodes popped into my head and I had to eat humble pie.

Two – A woman gave me permission to share a discussion I had with her about a social media comment her husband made that led to an argument and eventually to awareness and healing. Even though the events seemed bad at the time, not judging the actual situation led to some amazing insights into her life.

Three – The difference a passion in your life can make.

Four – How taking a Time Out can help you to move ahead – this one recorded by my wife Edrina.


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