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28 Taming Your Negative Thoughts and Your Fears

Guest Speaker – Tami Dovell

Many of the most popular songs, TV shows and movies on the planet appeal to our negativity. Why is that?

We find it easier to blame, to argue, to justify hurts and so much more because it’s easier to do that than move inside ourselves. However we do it, we’d rather run than deal with certain issues.

Yet this leads often to a life we wished was different.

The mind is a powerful muscle, creating so many neural pathways. These pathways could lead to powerful and positive things in your life if you know how to “program” them. Sometimes it seems so difficult to break free from the things that keep you ‘down’. Yet, the solution is at hand. It always has been.

Join my guest podcaster, Tami Dovell, as she takes over today’s podcast to talk to you about how to blow away your fears and negative thought processes and replace them with what is good and whole.

In this podcast Tami is addressing a small and intimate group of people at one of her meditation nights.

See you in the podcast.


Speaker and Promoter of Inner Transformation

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