13 Having Trouble Getting Started? How To Stop Procrastinating By Starting At The End

Anxious about starting something? TheRealTruthAboutYou.com

If actually “getting started” is stopping you from moving forward or it’s seriously giving you a nervous stomach then you’ll want to know how to stop procrastinating and get over the hump by listening to this short fifteen minute podcast.

I will show you how I went through the process of overcoming procrastination and overcoming fear in my own life when I was faced with starting something important.

Just one of the things I learned was how to start at the ‘end’ and work backward. When the END is strong enough you’ll quickly discover the how to start.

To stop procrastinating takes only one more step. This is the step that led to over two hundred newspaper columns, a published book and thirteen (so far) episodes of a podcast. Tune in now….

12 Chat With Shelley Boyes – Through The Tragic Death Of Her Daughter Hope Came For Other Young Women

Shelley Boyes - The Real Truth About You Podcast

After struggling with the tragic death of her teenage daughter, Shelley Boyes founded a ministry of life, hope and transformation for young women with life-altering challenges. Listen as Will interviews this dynamic woman who pushed through the tragic death of her daughter and the oppression experienced by her two other daughters. Shelley shares not only about founding her ministry, which includes a series of thrift stores and a home offering healing and transformation for young women, but also about the struggles and victories in her own life. Her story will both inspire and motivate you.

Choose Life Ministry was founded to establish a place for young women between the ages of 18 and 29 to find freedom from life-altering challenges including substance abuse, mental illness such as depression and anxiety, unexpected pregnancy, the effects of physical and/or sexual abuse, and challenges such as eating disorders and self-harm behaviors. You can connect with this Canadian ministry at ChooseLifeMinistry.ca

11 Chat With Edrina Sinclair – Truth, Lies And Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Edrina Sinclair - The Real Truth About You

In this in-depth episode Will chats with his wife Edrina Sinclair up close and personal about her life and how it could also apply to yours. Discussed: Being programmed as a child | Not allowing yourself to be someone else | Learning to love yourself | Being comfortable in your own skin | Parenting and you | Accepting and learning to love the you that you are | Honoring and acknowledging your feelings as they arise | Popping the iceberg | Is life perfect? | Benefiting from your past regardless of what you were dealt | Stuffing | and much, much more.