July 2016

Is God Enough? - TheRealTruthAboutYou.com

Believing in God is not a prerequisite to living life on earth. But, if you do believe in God and you do believe that God created you and everything else in this universe, then the question I ask today may act as a “checkpoint” in your growing faith journey. It may help you to take
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Dr. John McMillan Suicide Awareness - The Real Truth About You Podcast

Dr. John McMillan talks about Suicide Awareness and Suicide Prevention. Become comfortable with suicide awareness and prevention. Covered in the conversation: Suicidal Tendencies | Suicide Notes | Suicide Prevention | Suicide Awareness | Suicide Definition and Language | Why are people committing suicide? | Suicide Rates | Suicide Help | Suicide Letters | Suicide Helpline |
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Shelley Boyes - The Real Truth About You Podcast

After struggling with the tragic death of her teenage daughter, Shelley Boyes founded a ministry of life, hope and transformation for young women with life-altering challenges. Listen as Will interviews this dynamic woman who pushed through the tragic death of her daughter and the oppression experienced by her two other daughters. Shelley shares not only
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