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William Sinclair Helps You To Uncover The Most Amazing Version of You

15 What Are Your Strengths? Why You Must Build On Your Personal Strengths And Not On Your Weaknesses.

Are you a strengthsfinder or a weakness builder? Find out here. During our childhood and even our careers we are told to “work on our weaknesses” but it’s simply not true and doesn’t lead to a fulfilled and happy life. In reality, we need to work with our strengths and NOT on our weaknesses. I discovered that when I moved from working in the weak areas of my life and into working with my strengths, amazing transformations took place.

This podcast is one of those transformations in action. Working WITH your strengths, your areas of gifting and your personality will bring positive outcomes. You will attract good things in your life and you will generally be happier. If you don’t know them already, take the time to discover your personal strengths. Go on a “strengthsquest” if you need to. For starters, begin with listening to this 15 minute podcast quickie.

What are your strengths? Start your journey to an empowered life with this podcast.


Speaker and Promoter of Inner Transformation

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