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12 Chat With Shelley Boyes – Through The Tragic Death Of Her Daughter Hope Came For Other Young Women

After struggling with the tragic death of her teenage daughter, Shelley Boyes founded a ministry of life, hope and transformation for young women with life-altering challenges. Listen as Will interviews this dynamic woman who pushed through the tragic death of her daughter and the oppression experienced by her two other daughters. Shelley shares not only about founding her ministry, which includes a series of thrift stores and a home offering healing and transformation for young women, but also about the struggles and victories in her own life. Her story will both inspire and motivate you.

Choose Life Ministry was founded to establish a place for young women between the ages of 18 and 29 to find freedom from life-altering challenges including substance abuse, mental illness such as depression and anxiety, unexpected pregnancy, the effects of physical and/or sexual abuse, and challenges such as eating disorders and self-harm behaviors. You can connect with this Canadian ministry at

Speaker and Promoter of Inner Transformation

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