49 Being Stuck Where You Don’t Belong and Getting Unstuck

Taking a Time Out to get unstuck from William Sinclair The Real Truth About You Podcast

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But almost nothing is as painful as being stuck where you don’t belong.

When you’re not living your true amazing self, then you may be in a career you didn’t want, dealing with a relationship that’s not going how you intended, and generally living a life that’s being limited by, well…. You.

Today I talk about this and how it affected my life and how I went through the process of getting unstuck.

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48 Dealing With Anger

Dealing with Anger from William Sinclair The Real Truth About You Podcast

Here’s something to help you rise above your anger.

Anger is often an expression of fear but it’s definitely your body trying to tell you something about yourself. I remember being so angry, in fact I would be in a rage, that I would punch holes in walls, break furniture and make my family scared. I played mind games with my wife without even realizing it.

Today, I want to show you how to rise above your anger, like I did, by using a simple technique I learned and kept applying to my life.

If you were to ask my wife now how I am now compared to what I used to be you’d get a night and day comparison. I am very much more peaceful than I have ever been.

I don’t have those extreme swings in emotion. I still get angry occasionally but it’s not that violently erupting volcano of emotion that destroys everything it encounters. Today, I’m enjoying the new me.

This podcast starts with my visit to a Naturopathic Doctor who I discovered has a similar persona to me, where diversity is the only consistency. Join me in today’s podcast….

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00:00 Intro and my journey to see a Naturopath Doctor

12:20 Dealing with Anger

47 Healing Your Self Image and Learning To Love Yourself

Before and After Image from William Sinclair The Real Truth About You Podcast

IMAGE: Will and Edrina Sinclair – “Before and After”

Healing your self image and learning to love yourself seems to be very difficult for many to do.

In this week’s podcast Edrina Sinclair talks about her self-image and how she translated her self-image to her weight until she realized that her body was just her shell, not her true inner self. Edrina shares what brought her to that point of personal transformation and how she is learning how to love herself.

Join us in today’s intimate podcast…

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