44 You’re Never Too Old To Make A Difference (or too young)

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You’re never too old Daisy Low!

Who is Daisy Low? Discover who Daisy Low is and how her life in the early 1900’s may have affected your life today.

This woman, while her life was falling apart, ended up helping transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls throughout North America and possibly around the globe. Her life will inspire you.

Today’s message? YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD or too young.

43 What I Found On The Shelf and The Human Touch

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We need to be the face of love for others – The Power of the Volunteer

In podcast 42 I talked about writing a book and said that I sucked at the marketing. Well, Dr. Wayne Dyer said that ‘When the student is ready, the teachers will appear” and I was amazed at what I discovered on a shelf that very night.

Plus I talk about the power of the awesome volunteer greeter.

Join me in today’s podcast.